The Muon Trigger of the CMS experiment - design, performance, upgrade

Autor: Marcin Konecki

Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

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The CMS experiment has operated smoothly during the LHC Run-1 (20102013). A large numer of collisions, triggered by the CMS Level-1 and High-Level trigger systems allowed CMS to discover the Higgs boson and perform many important physics measurements and searches. In this monograph the muon trigger of the CMS detector is discussed, including its design and performance. The CMS experiment is reviewed and its initial performance and operation are emphasized. The selected main physics results are shown. The detector upgrade perspectives are also presented. The monograph is supplemented with the performance of the PACT trigger, development studies on muon isolation and simplified track reconstruction based on the Pixel Detector.
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