English Educational Policy. Contemporary Challenges in a Historical-Comparative Context

Autor: Arleta Suwalska

Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego

The book concerns contemporary ideological discourses, preceded by a synthetic analysis of the roots of political changes in education in England. The author focusses on trends and stages of educational development from the tenth century to the post-war reform of the education system in England. Also presented are the neoliberal trend in English educational policy and the genesis of the 1998 educational reforms in England and their consequences up to 2013.

“The book constitutes an interesting proposal in the field of educational policy in a historical-comparative context [...]. A monograph-like approach to the subject and a combination of educational ideologies and historical traditions with the new challenges facing English education constitute the value of this book.”

Renata Nowakowska-Siuta, Dean of the Faculty of Education.

Head of the Department of Teaching and Education School.


Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw

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