The Light Shines in Darkness

Autor: Leo Tolstoy


The drama „The Light Shines” reflects the events of Tolstoy’s life in the broadest, most typified generalizations. Therefore, it would be a gross mistake to fully identify the content of the drama with the life of Tolstoy, his family and those around him. Nevertheless, there is a close relationship between them. So, the drama of Nikolai Ivanovich Saryntsev is, of course, the drama of Tolstoy himself. In the person of Maria Ivanovna Saryntseva, some characteristic features of S. A. Tolstoy are outlined. The same should be said of the other characters in the play, which are very reminiscent of either Tolstoy’s family or those who came into close contact with his family. And the „drunk” Alexander Petrovich who appears in the fourth act is taken from real life. This is Tolstoy’s scribe, Alexander Petrovich Ivanov, a former officer who became trampless, an inhabitant of Rzhanov’s house.

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