A heartwarming tale of the friendship between a little girl and her mischievous pet goat.Six-year-old Mofolusho lives with her parents on a farm on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. She is an expert at doing the opposite of what her parents tell her not to do. Not only does she hide when they need help with chores around the house, she also does whatever she wants.But one night, a goat arrives on their doorstep and everything changes.Mrs. Farmer has a habit of naming animals after ingredients she lacks in her kitchen. So, it's no wonder that her daughter's pet goat is named Curry. Eventually, the pet goat becomes as naughty as Mofolusho, forcing Mrs. Farmer to make a decision. Will she choose to make a Curry goat recipe or spare the naughty goat? Told with wit and humor, this charming story of a little girl and her mischievous four-legged sidekick is bound to delight children and adults. This beautiful picture book celebrates the love and friendship that exists between children and their pets and the positive influences one can have on the other. It also features an unforgettable secondary cast of characters which lovers of Caribbean food and African cuisine will recognize including Scotch Bonnet Pepper and Allspice. Packed with full color illustrations, this heartwarming African children's story is a great read aloud for family time, bedtime, nap time, bath time or anytime for preschool children, beginner readers, and especially for children 4 - 8 years old.