ADVENTURES of the TEENIE WEENIES - 32 adventures of the Teenie Weenie folk

Autor: Written and Illustrated by W M Donahey

Wydawnictwo: Abela Publishing

Herein are 32 adventures of  the Teenie Weenies. While they are small in stature, they have the hearts of heroes. But just who are the Teenie Weenies?The Teenie Weenies are a very tiny, little people. The Teenie Weenie children are about half an inch, or just over a centimetre, in height and the older Teenie Weenies are from two and a half to three inches tall ( 6 to 8 cm). Paddy Pinn is the tallest one and he really is a Teenie Weenie giant, for he stands four inches (10cm)  in his stocking feet.The little folks are so small that a lead pencil is to them a great log and a clothes pin will keep the tiny fire place burning for some time. A large tea cup would almost hold the entire family and they could go swimming all at once in a wash basin.So, if a piece of cheese goes missing from the fridge, or a reel of cotton should disappear, you now know better than to ask “why.” And, the next time you are out, be sure to TREAD CAREFULLY!Also included are 9 full page colour plates with many, many pen and ink vignettes sprinkled throughout the volume bring the stories to life.YESTERDAY’S BOOKS for TODAYS CHARITIES==========KEYWORDS: fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, children’s stories, children’s stories, bygone era, fairydom, fairy land, classic stories, children’s bedtime stories, fables, adventures of teenie weenies, paddy pinn, gogo, chinaman, zip, dunce, mr. lover, mrs. lover, children, beautiful, bungalow, doctor, policeman, grandpa, granpa, old tea pot, cowboy, indian scotchman, scotsman, jolly, easter egg, rain, thimbleful, cook, run,  across, early bird, soft place, fall, fuzzy-wuzzy, cistern, bird, invitation, mouse, back, race, watermelon, feast, plate, taffy, toffee, stuck, field-day, tooth, frog, bear, invention, great ball, unlucky, favour, favour, go south, fire, tumble, clown, spool, rout, cough syrup, coughing, narrow escape, recue, squirrel, Christmas present, drink, toast,
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