The Third Screen

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Co-winner of the 2012 Bronze Medal IPPY Award in the category of Business/Career/Sales With the "first screen" – the television – companies sent ads directly into consumers' living rooms, reaching millions with one campaign. The "second screen" – the personal computer – increased interaction between companies and consumers and allowed for immediate customer feedback. The "third screen" – the mobile device – changes the game in an even more revolutionary way.  Now, in The Third Screen, bestselling author and digital pioneer Chuck Martin explains how the age of the smartphone is redefining the role of the consumer, clarifying how marketers must do more than send out a mass ad and hope for the best: they must interact on the customers' terms. In this groundbreaking book, Martin clarifies the role of m-commerce, mobile video, SMS messaging, location-based marketing, advertising and media, and the new laws of inbound marketing, preparing marketers for what lies just around the corner.  The Third Screen links the technological developments of m-commerce to the behavioral changes that accompany them, and reveals how key mobile innovators (representing large and small brands) are becoming the mobile platform providers of the future.
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