Perfect 10 Cozy Mystery Volume 2 Plots #8-2 "FATHER ELLIOT SERIES - BOOK 1 TIGER! TIGER!"

Autor: Perfect 10 Plots

Wydawnictwo: Perfect 10 Plots

Aisha Richmond is celebrating her 20th birthday when her adoptive father, Colonel Adrian Richmond tells her that she belongs to him and tries to kiss the young Korean beauty. Alan Debreu surprises his uncle; a fight ensues. Father Elliot stops the brawl as he comes in the library. The birthday party guests are sent home but Father Elliot, together with Mrs. Cartwright, the parish secretary are asked to stay the night – to calm the irritated family. The next morning Colonel Richmond is found dead in his bed. He’s been poisoned using the ointment that covers the fur of the stuffed tiger standing proud in the foyer of the mansion. Every member of the family bears a grudge against the man, but who killed him? --- About Perfect 10 Plots: Do any of these apply to you? When you finally sit down to write - you got nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada? You just can't find the time to write? You see numerous authors cashing in with their books - but don't know how they can write so quickly? Since 2014, Perfect 10 Plots has been the #1 Preeminent Pre-made Plots Brand used by thousands of writers as well as professional ghostwriters and international publishing houses worldwide. You can take these plots and turn them into huge profits with just about any writer — either you can follow these complete outlines to create your own story or hand them off to a ghostwriter to develop into high-quality books. Say goodbye to writer's block and blank page syndrome forever and eliminate stress! Get into the "flow" of writing lightning fast and write for longer and with more enjoyment! Work like a bestselling author and eliminate all the guesswork to creating bestselling stories! Fall back in love with writing... all over again! Each Perfect 10 Plot Package Includes: Full outline for each plot (including the beginning, rising action leading to climax, climax description, falling action after climax occurs, and the resolution) The One and Only Perfect 10 Plots Signature "Scene by Scene" detailed breakdowns that guide you step-by-step to "put some meat on the bones" and create an absolutely unforgettable story! Character Descriptions: A list of the main characters (including the protagonist and antagonist) - fully described. These characters are well-developed but not complete... leaving you plenty of room to personalize them. Details on Settings and Locations: This describes in detail where the story takes place. As you read this, you'll feel as if you're right in the scene of the story! (making it easy for you to put yourself inside the story, customize it and produce unique works of art) Enough "raw ingredients" to write a full-length story that is truly your creation (completely designed and imagined by you)! So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start writing and publishing in the fastest, easiest, fun-nest! way possible by checking out a Perfect 10 Plots now! *P.S. still not convinced? Click on the cover to take a peek inside!
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