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    An authentic leader is true to himself and helps others to be true to themselves, always seeking to leave mediocrity behind and striving for mastery. In organisations that work like this, people become happy and are committed to their performances...(więcej)
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    What are the differences between leadership and management? How are they connected? What is the common goal? What methods do leaders and managers use? The essence of leadership is to create meaning and to formulate the appropriate goal while giving...(więcej)
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    In times of racing innovation and structural mega transformations, leaders of today's organisations need a map that helps them estimate several things: the complex and changing context, the transformation of their organisation and that of their own...(więcej)
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    Die junge, starke Stimme der modernen SpiritualitätJeder von uns ist einzigartig und unverwechselbar – auch wenn wir manchmal den Blick dafür verlieren und an uns zweifeln. Mit großer Offenheit und anhand ihrer eigenen bewegenden...(więcej)

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