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    Cytopathology of Infectious Diseases is the first book of its kind to focus entirely on the cytopathology of infectious diseases. It contains all of the pertinent information about the cytology of infectious diseases and microorganisms and will...(więcej)
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    While there are a number of books on the market that deal with neuronal mechanisms and targets, the proposed book will be the only one to cover the vascular aspects of CNS trauma. The contributing authors will present basic mechanisms,...(więcej)
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    This volume provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of the major issues specific to the field of antireflux surgery. It provides exceptional instructional detail regarding performance of antireflux surgery from leading esophageal...(więcej)
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    Abnormal expression of MHC class I molecules in malignant cells is a frequent occurrence that ranges from total loss of all class I antigens to partial loss of MHC specific haplotypes or alleles. Different mechanisms are described to be...(więcej)
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    The middle ear plays a vital role in the sense and sensitivity of hearing. Of the various characteristics that distinguish mammals from other vertebrates, several pertain specifically to the middle-ear system, such as the presence of three...(więcej)
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    A practical reference on theory and methods of estimating measurement errors and uncertainty for both scientists and engineers in industry and experimental research. Building on the fundamentals of measurement theory, this book offers a wealth of...(więcej)
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    Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in the Preface to his famous Discourse on Inequality that “I consider the subject of the following discourse as one of the most interesting questions philosophy can propose, and unhappily for us, one of the most thorny...(więcej)
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    Astronauts, cosmonauts, and a very limited number of people have experienced eating space food due to the unique processing and packaging required for space travel. This book allows anyone with a normal kitchen to prepare space food. Since some of...(więcej)
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    This book covers a significant number of R&D projects, performed mostly after 2000, devoted to the understanding and prevention of performance degradation processes in polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs). The extent and severity of...(więcej)
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    The publication aims to familiarize students of public policy with the precautionary principle, which plays a vital role in the European Union’s approach toward regulating risks. The precautionary principle contends that policy makers should...(więcej)
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    This book is meant to provide a complete overview of the research of HPV and its connection to cervical...(więcej)
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    Breast Cancer is the most common tumor in women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Due to breakthroughs in gene profiling, the knowledge of the pathophysiology of the mammary gland had greatly increased over the last decade. In...(więcej)
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    Ayurveda is widely considered to be one of the oldest health care traditions still in practice today. Originating in India over 3,000 years ago, it is now increasingly recognized and practiced globally including in many European countries and the...(więcej)
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    Statistical science as organized in formal academic departments is relatively new.  With a few exceptions, most Statistics and Biostatistics departments have been created within the past 60 years.  This book consists of a set of memoirs,...(więcej)
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    This book collects and synthesizes the latest thinking on the condition in its variety of cognitive and behavioral presentations, matched by a variety of clinical responses. Acknowledging the continuum of injury and the multi-stage nature...(więcej)
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    This book gathers the work of leading scholars from several disciplines on fragile regions, especially those regions seeking to preserve, strengthen or create processes to restore or reestablish security and effective social and economic management....(więcej)
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    Gain new insights into the causes and the solutions to prejudice and racism with this thought-provoking book. It provides substantial evidence that shows how prejudice and racism stem from basic motives, such as belonging, understanding, and...(więcej)
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    This volume presents a wide range of medical applications that can utilize mathematical computing. This work grew out of a workshop on optimization which was held during the 2005 CIM Thematic Term on Optimization in Coimbra, Portugal. It provides an...(więcej)
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    ​​ ​The third edition of this critically acclaimed book has updated and expanded the survey of clinical, biological and pathological management of localized and advanced renal cell carcinoma. Internationally renowned editors and contributors...(więcej)
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    Text Mining with MATLAB provides a comprehensive introduction to text mining using MATLAB. It’s designed to help text mining practitioners, as well as those with little-to-no experience with text mining in general, familiarize themselves with...(więcej)
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    This book highlights the importance of phytochemicals and mitochondria in cancer prevention and therapy. Recent scientific discoveries have identified that naturally occurring biologically active compounds (i.e. phytochemicals) target multiple steps...(więcej)
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    Practical Pathology Informatics introduces and demystifies a variety of topics in the broad discipline of pathology informatics with a focus on issues of particular relevance to the practicing anatomic pathologist. Early chapters contain basic...(więcej)
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    States of Consciousness expands on the pioneering work of J.H. Jackson, offering contemporary models for studying consciousness in both pathology and normal altered states, including relaxation, sleep, meditation, and hypnosis. The author clarifies...(więcej)
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    "The Hatfield Lunar Atlas" has become an amateur lunar observer's bible since it was first published in 1968. A major update of the atlas was made in 1998, using the same wonderful photographs that Commander Henry Hatfield made with his...(więcej)
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    When one is privileged to participate long enough in a professional capacity, certain trends may be observed in the dynamics of how challenges are met or how problems are solved. Agricultural research is no exception in view of how the plant...(więcej)

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