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    Edward Ellsberg's The Far Shore is the riveting first-hand account of the Allied D-Day landings in France in June 1944. A principal actor in the invasion, Ellsberg describes in detail the massive preparations for the launch of the greatest armada... (więcej)
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    Born in 'the hellish aftermath of Pearl Harbor,' the Seabees began as barely armed civilians with no military training. They had an average age of 35. GI's would joke, "Never hit a Seabee, for his son might be a Marine." But America's bulldozing,... (więcej)
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    Always Another Dawn: The Story of a Rocket Test Pilot is the story of NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) and Albert Scott Crossfield's work in the post-war years and beyond pioneering the use of rocket-powered planes. Crossfield... (więcej)
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    Torpedoes Away! details US Navy submarine operations during the first 18 months of World War Two. Author Maxwell Hawkins breathlessly covers the tense, dangerous missions of submarines USS Trout, Sea Raven, Pollack, Skipjack, Cuttlefish, and... (więcej)

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