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  • Dzieło Stephena Crane'a. Stephen Crane to pisarz amerykański, tworzył powieści, nowele, poezję i reportaże wojenne. Był pionierem naturalizmu w literaturze...(więcej)
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    Hailed as one of American literature's most influential works, The Red Badge of Courage has a young recruit facing the trials and cruelties of war. Stephen Crane's 1895 novel is set in the American Civil War. Private Henry Fleming flees from battle...(więcej)
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    These vigorous pictures were among the very last work done by the lamented pen which gave us "The Red Badge of Courage."We were aroused by that startling drumbeat to the advent of a new literary talent. The commonplace was shattered by a fresh and...(więcej)
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    Rufus Coleman is now a respectable member of society, an editor of the New York Eclipse. He is hoping to marry Majory Wainwright despite her father's reservations. As the war between Turkey and Greece erupts we find Majory unable to return from...(więcej)
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    The engine bellowed its way up the slanting, winding valley. Grey crags, and trees with roots fastened cleverly to the steeps looked down at the struggles of the black monster. When the train finally released its passengers they burst forth with the...(więcej)
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    "Great Battles Of The Great War" is a masterwork of historical battle narratives of the First World War. Stephen Crane published this book for the Daily Chronicle. There are numerous maps added and it offers a perfect understanding of many military...(więcej)
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    A rattling romance, full of humor, dash and incident. The hero, "the O'Ruddy," is an inimitable Irish blade, witty, audacious and irresistible. Stephen Crane was at work on the ms. of this novel, of which he had completed the greater part when he...(więcej)
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    This edition contains a wealth of Stepen Crane's best and most important short stories. Here comes an excerpt of the contents: The Open Boat A Man And Some Others The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky The Wise Men The Five White Mice Flanagan And His Short...(więcej)
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    This edition contains Crane's best stories dealing with wars and the military. The extraordinary power of imagination is more wonderful than that of Defoe. It is in dialogue that he is at his strongest, for in this the words are used as the soldiers...(więcej)
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    Maggie is one of the most known works of the author. This story, perfectly laid out in New York's Bowery, dealt with doings and sayings of the people of the slums,—a reflection of the scenes and actions of city life as Crane saw it. While this...(więcej)
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    Best Authors - Best Stories Washington Irving, Ambrose Bierce, Stephen Crane, W. W. Jacobs, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Kate Chopin, Bret Harte, Hans Christian Anderse , O. Henry, Edited by  Ahmet Ünal...(więcej)

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