I Spy a Courtyard Casanova

Autor: J.J. Brass

Wydawnictwo: Rainbow Crush

Elise Golden’s peaceful existence is turned upside-down when Rex, her former fiancé, shows up to lease the flat above hers. Meanwhile, the death of one of the oldest residents throws the courtyard into turmoil. Apparently George Miller liked the neighbour ladies enough to leave them the vast majority of his worldly possessions—and nothing at all for his wife! When George Miller’s many bequeathals are stolen, it’s up to Elise and her psychic eye to track down whodunit. The investigation leads her down an unexpected path into the greedy world of fraud and art forgery! I Spy a Courtyard Casanova is the third book in The Courtyard Clairvoyant Mysteries, a small-town paranormal cozy mystery series featuring a great cast of LGBTQIA characters!
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