Mobile and Web Messaging. Messaging Protocols for Web and Mobile Devices

Autor: Jeff Mesnil


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Learn how to use messaging technologies to build responsive and resilient applications for mobile devices and web browsers. With this hands-on guide, you...ll use the STOMP and MQTT messaging protocols to write iOS and web applications capable of sending and receiving GPS and device sensor data, text messages, and alerts.

Messaging protocols are not only simple to use, but also conserve network bandwidth, device memory, and batteries. Using this book...s step-by-step format, author Jeff Mesnil helps you work with Objective-C and JavaScript libraries, as well as the protocols. All you need to get started are basic programming skills.

  • Understand basic messaging concepts and composition
  • Learn two common messaging models: point-to-point and publish/subscribe
  • Use STOMP to write an iOS application that sends GPS data, and a web app that consumes the data
  • Build an iOS app with MQTT that tracks and broadcasts device motion data, and a web app that displays the data and sends alerts
  • Extend STOMP to filter, prioritize, persist, and expire messages
  • Take a complete tour of STOMP and MQTT, including features not used in the book...s sample apps
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