Tom Thumb Tomcio Paluszek English version

Autor: Jakub i Wilhelm Grimm

Wydawnictwo: Siedmioróg

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Imagine a tiny boy, small as a finger; that’s Tom Thumb! A woodman and his wife have been waiting long for a child and very soon a son is born to them. But as the years pass, Tom grows hardly at all! Tiny he may be, but he has the heart of a lion.

Tom decides to go and help with father chop wood and this is where his adventure begins. Follow Tom’s adventures through the forest; he rides on a horse’s ear, is eaten by a cow, swallowed by a wolf as all the while he tries to foil a pair of country robbers!

Certainly Tom’s diminutive size has its disadvantages, but it can also be quite useful! Will Tom outsmart the animals’ intent on eating him and robbers determined to use him for their own nefarious ends?

Proving that size does not matter, when you have intelligence and courage, Tom Thumb has delighted generations of children and adults alike.

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