Building RESTful Web services with Go

Autor: Naren Yellavula

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Explore the necessary concepts of REST API development by building few real world services from scratch.About This BookFollow best practices and explore techniques such as clustering and caching to achieve a reactive, scalable web serviceLeverage the Gin Framework to quickly implement RESTful endpointsLearn to implement a client library for a RESTful web service using GoWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for those who want to learn to build RESTful web services with a framework like Gin. To make best use of the code samples included in the book, you should have a basic knowledge of Go programming.What You Will LearnCreate HTTP handler and introspect the Gorilla Mux routerOAuth 2 implementation with GoBuild RESTFul API with Gin FrameworkCreate REST API with MongoDB and GoBuild a working client library and unit test for REST APIDebug, test, and profile RESTful APIs with each of the frameworksOptimize and scale REST API using microservicesIn DetailREST is an architectural style that tackles the challenges of building scalable web services and in today's connected world, APIs have taken a central role on the web. APIs provide the fabric through which systems interact, and REST has become synonymous with APIs. The depth, breadth, and ease of use of Go, makes it a breeze for developers to work with it to build robust Web APIs. This book takes you through the design of RESTful web services and leverages a framework like Gin to implement these services.The book starts with a brief introduction to REST API development and how it transformed the modern web. You will learn how to handle routing and authentication of web services along with working with middleware for internal service. The book explains how to use Go frameworks to build RESTful web services and work with MongoDB to create REST API. You will learn how to integrate Postgres SQL and JSON with a Go web service and build a client library in Go for consuming REST API. You will learn how to scale APIs using the microservice architecture and deploy the REST APIs using Nginx as a proxy server. Finally you will learn how to metricize a REST API using an API Gateway.By the end of the book you will be proficient in building RESTful APIs in Go.Style and ApproachThis book is a step-by-step, hands-on guide to designing and building RESTful web services.
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