Rusty Verses

Autor: Mugibson Mugibson

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Rusty Verses (Mugibson) Rusty Verses closes up to the trilogy of my poetry works I set out to put out to the world. It is the second, and central book, after Stellar Youth  and Burify . Its a much lengthier volume, as most pieces are of a great length. The book opens with a poem "Blunt", about a relationship gone bad, because of the couple's way differing views of relationships.  I weep the loss of the love of my life to a DJ on "DJ's In Love". I take the readers on a romantic escape in my "Can't Escape" poem,  about the power of love. In "No Longer A Slave", i share a word of encouragement to people out there who like me, might feel stuck in their current various situations at some time in life. Be it sadness, brokeness, bad relationships, oppression among others.  "1000 Apologies" was an open letter form one who has not lived his life while with friends, because of being too reserved and wishes things could be a little different now. Because sharing is caring, I  shared a friend's poem he once wrote in my phone's NOTES app as a message to his other half. Its entitled "Epitome To My Love". "Crashed Dream" is  about a time when you feel like your dreams have passed by you so fast , and you feel they are way too far for you to reach. Other poems inside here include; "Harmlet, Afraid, Wrecked, Thirsty, He Found Me, among others. I close the book with a poem about salvation, and I wrote it from a perspective of a lost purpose and also a feeling of hopelessness, and then Christ comes into your life, picks you from your tears and weariness, nad then your life gets back on track, and you can experience true joy and happiness in him; in the poem "Alive Again". Have a nice reading...
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