Vibrational Spectroscopy: From Theory to Applications

Autor: Kamilla Małek

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Compendium of IR and Raman spectroscopy!

Vibrational spectroscopy is one of the fundamental tool widely employed in the physico-chemical, material, natural, medical and pharmacological sciences.

The book describes basic techniques of Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Raman scattering spectroscopies. The textbook is complemented by an extensive set of experiments which can be conducted by broadly available as well as advanced instrumentation.

After discussion of present theoretical approaches, instrumentation, data handling that explain the phenomenon of vibrational spectroscopy, the book reports new and exciting experiments and applications of the many fascinating spectroscopic effects. They can serve as a basis of several laboratory courses in the field of optical spectroscopy, physical chemistry as well as in specialised panels of medical chemistry, materials science and analytics in the broadest sense. Each exercise is preceded by a description of fundamentals required to understand a research problem. Lab practicals illustrate the application of the given vibrational spectroscopy technique as well as provide a detailed method to solve research problems, which can be introduced to a research, industrial and quality control laboratories.

The authors of the book are specialists in the field of infrared and Raman spectroscopy, for years introducing new courses for a wide panel of the educational offer and conducting research using vibrational spectroscopy.

The manual is designed for students of chemistry, environmental protection, biophysics, medical and life sciences universities. Undoubtedly it will be also helpful in analytical laboratories.

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