European Union. Three Anniversaries. Polish Perspective

Autor: Elżbieta Czarny, Paweł Folfas

Wydawnictwo: Szkoła Główna Handlowa

The monograph Europecin Union: Three Anniversaries. Polish Perspective should be reached for by both experts inthe problems of integration and people who are not economists, but are also interested in these issues. The publication is distinguished by its original research concept being a very interesting, multifaceted and interdisciplinary summary of integration processes in Europe, perceived from the Polish perspective. This is an analysis of multidimensional (including both economic and political) benefits and costs as well as effects of three processes: unilicalion of Germany (1990-2014), creation of the Euro-zone (1999-2013) and accession of 10 States to the European Union, including Poland (2004-2014). The advantage of this hook is complexity of the approach, examining a wide range of variablcs and indicators concerning the main forms of cooperation and economic activity of Poland and its regions as well as of Germany and othcr EU member States. The authors emphasize economic and non-economic effects of Germany's unification for Poland and the whole EU. They examine the Eurozone (EZ) paying attention to the conseąuences of heterogeneity of the EU States. They show that the Eurozone contributes to the division within the EU, which hinders the integration of its members. The basis of the study of transformation of the Polish economy as a conseąuence of the three analyzed processes is an analy­sis of the changes of the country's extemal stability extended by comparisons with the stability of economies, such as: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other EU member States. Based on the review by Professor Magdalena Rosińska-Bukowska
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