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  • od 126.65 zł Brak ofert - premiera: 2003-04-22
    Linux® is being adopted by an increasing number of embedded systems developers, who have been won over by its sophisticated scheduling and networking, its cost-free license, its open development model, and the support offered by rich and... (więcej)
  • od 143.65 zł Brak ofert - premiera: 2008-08-15
    There's a great deal of excitement surrounding the use of Linux in embedded systems -- for everything from cell phones to car ABS systems and water-filtration plants -- but not a lot of practical information. Building Embedded Linux Systems offers... (więcej)
  • dziś najtaniej - od 76.42 Brak ofert - premiera: 2013-03-12
    Looking to port Android to other platforms such as embedded devices? This hands-on book shows you how Android works and how you can adapt it to fit your needs. You...ll delve into Android...s architecture and learn how to navigate its source code,... (więcej)

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