A Gentlemans Guide to Calculating Winning Bets

Autor: Graham Sharpe

Wydawnictwo: Matrix Digital Publishing

A Racing Ready Reckoner. One of the most comprehensive and useful ready reckoners ever published and, with a simple guide to settling bets which explains the short cuts and systems used by the professional bet settler, there is no bet that a Gentleman should not be able to calculate himself.

This handy guide covers:

• The settlement of all standard bets such as Singles, Doubles, Trebles, Accumulators, forecasts and much more

• Details on how to calculate the newer and more esoteric bets

• Short cuts to settling your bets

• Chart which shows odds as a percentage

• Achieving Value for Money

• How to make a "book"

• Tic Tac "sign language" chart of all the major prices - know what the bookies are "saying"

• Full glossary of bets and betting terms
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