The Emerald Tablet: Immersion

Autor: JM Hart

Wydawnictwo: JMH World Publishing

Casey wonders if he’s delusional and Sophia is really a ghost. After holding the bones of a dead girl, Casey believes psychometry will only bring him pain. And using his telekinesis will just bring pain to others. In the forest, around his new home in England, in a bust of frustration Casey loses control of his energy, sending branches, leaves, stones, and dirt into a violent whirlwind of debris that attracts the micro-shape shifting beasts. Shaun sadly remembers Rachel and he remembers what his father did in Israel; Shaun, confused and alone, runs to the only place he feels comfortable; the city. Walking the city streets, he quickly realizes that the infected are out of control and govern the city. Kevin, after foreseeing the death of his grandparents and the drowning of Casey, abandoned his abilities. He accepts they're a curse; but now, he’ll have to quickly harness them to save his family and friends because the micro-shape shifting beasts have learned how to combine into one thunderous giant monster. Click the link and buy book two, Immersion in the Emerald Tablet serial today, and start reading now.
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