Galactic Pioneers

Autor: Katryn Ali

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

HERE IS FIVE REALLY GREAT STORIES I DREAMED UP... LITERALLY, I DREAMED MOST OF THIS BOOK WHEN I WENT TO SLEEP. If you like Star Wars, and Star Trek type stuff, the REALLY far fetched, out there, type of space-ship hopping, planets and their WEIRD monsters, black holes and other dimensions, all rolled up into one. If that is your thing then read on: Inside this book - In Story One you will meet a young woman eager to serve Captain Cameron on board his Aries star-ship, but an unexpected chain of events begins that sends her on the journey of her life. In Story Two of this book, you will find her trapped in an alternate universe where nothing is as it seems. In Story Three - It is about a planet where the crew of the Aries get stuck on a planet with a very hostile environment. You won't believe what happens next. In Story Four - Captain Cameron and his crew end up answering a distress call but it's all fake. A way to lure them to the planet's surface where they wake up with no memories of who they are. And in the last story - It is about an android named Dejaunt and his evil twin brother, Z'leel. Both made by the same mad scientist, Doctor Yanning Sohfos. Something happens to Z'leel after Dejaunt is hot on his trail that begins a metamorphosis and both of them will never be the same as one of them faces immortality as a human! Oh, and an undecided Angel is the key that unlocks all of this. NOTE:This is a series of 3 books in all called: A Science-Fiction Book Set. Galactic Pioneers is Book Two of this series. They go as follows...1. Pirate's Treasure2. Galactic Pioneers3. Sky GazerThey really have no link to each other, other than just being of the science-fiction nature. So it does not matter which order you read thm in. If you love Sci Fi than this series is for you.
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