Crossing Borders: An Exploration of Educational Technology in the U.S. and Poland

Autor: Bronisław Siemieniecki, Kerry Rice, Phil Kelly Dorota Siemieniecka

Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika

Stron: 302

Opłacalność: 7.95 zł/100 stron

The monograph has an original, interesting and correct structure that includes a comparative analysis of selected aspects of traditional education in the context of historical and modern digital media education. The cognitively important results of empirical research on phenomena and processes present in the education of both countries, learning projects and teachers’ roles in contemporary education as well as their competencies in the use of digital media demonstrate the evolution of technology. Furthermore, they indicate the shape and contents of future education, which will be focused on the use of computers, computer networks and social media. The book can encourage its readers to reflect on pedagogy, the role of new media in contemporary and future education, the role and position of learners as well as the social role of the teacher. The book presents a high scientific level. Students, teachers and researchers involved in the analysis of education systems will be interested in its contents. Moreover, it can apply to people interested in the history of didactic media in comparative perspective, methodological research concepts in media pedagogy and also to those who are concerned with the results of empirical research and scientific discussion. The monograph is innovative and original. It is undeniably a unique publication on the Polish market.

prof. dr hab. Stanisław Juszczyk

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