Mongolia and the Mongols Past and Present

Autor: Agata Bareja-Starzyńska, Jan Rogala, Magdalena Szpindler

Wydawnictwo: Elipsa

The present volume is the result of the International Conference Mongolia and the Mongols: Past and Present held in the University of Warsaw on November 2324, 2015. The conference enabled scholars working on different subjects related to the Mongolian history and culture, including literature and religion, using different methodologies: historical, ethnological, philological or linguistic to meet together and exchange data and opinions. Some scientists presented results of their scholarly work, some contributed with survey of certain studies, others preferred to give advice in a form of a written contribution. The texts are published in two languages: English and Mongolian. The article on Altaic Studies in Poland by Jerzy Tulisow serves as a broad introduction to the subject and shows how interest in this field developed among Poles.
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