Samantha's Tale

Autor: K.W. Steiner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Samantha Kidd, one of Regal Bay's most successful real estate agents, carried with her several secrets. One, that she had once been a high-priced prostitute working out of the famous Madame Cheri's outside of Las Vegas. Two, that she enjoys a long-running incestuous relationship with her brother, Dennis. Living in Regal Bay, Samantha found that neither of these facts were considered abnormal. EXCERPT: Samantha found her brother’s manhood easily enough. It was growing harder by the second and she wrapped her fingers around the shaft to stroke it fully to life. Dennis growled into her mouth, enjoying it obviously. He rolled onto her, and she spread her legs wide to let him in. Her brother’s familiar cock slipped along her damp slot until it found its target. With a gentle push, Dennis entered her. “Oooohhh, Dennis! I love you!” Samantha purred, the words always the same when her brother first penetrated her, ever since that first time, when she and her best friend showed him what fun they could have together on his eighteenth birthday. Now it was her fortieth, and they were renewing their sibling love as they had so many times through the years. With the full penetration of her brother’s cock into her pussy, Samantha pulled her knees up and back, and then hooked her heels across his lower back. Dennis began to drive into her with short, shallow thrusts, enjoying the feel of his sister’s vaginal grip while getting control of himself. Too many times Dennis had dumped his load into her within the first few minutes. In an effort of control, Dennis asked, “Did you see a client tonight?”, his mouth hovering just above hers in the darkness. Samantha, well aware of her brother’s control issues, stroked his back. “Yes, I did.” “Did you…you know…?” Samantha giggled. “Of course, I did!” Dennis was equally aware of just how his sister enticed clients into signing for a house. Dennis, his control maintained, began to pick up his pace. “Did he make you cum?” Again, Samantha chuckled. “Not hardly. Although he did have a huge dick.” “Maybe I can fix that for you,” Dennis offered, and then began to drive his cock harder and deeper into his sister. “Maybe I can give my big sister an orgasm for her birthday.” “You’d fucking better, bastard!” Samantha insisted. “Otherwise, I’m kicking you out!” “Yes, Mistress! I’ll make you cum, Mistress!” Dennis replied. He liked calling Samantha “Mistress”, and knew that she liked it as well. He pushed up onto his hands and redoubled his efforts. Samantha responded by driving her hips up to meet his thrusts. “That’s it, you bastard! Fuck my filthy cunt!” Samantha roared. “Oh, fuck, yes! That’s it, damnit! That’s it! Aaaggghhhh!” When Samantha’s orgasm hit her, she went into a whole-body spasm. Her hips bucked and her legs flailed about. She grabbed her brother’s shoulders and pulled herself up from the mattress and all but hung beneath him as he power-drove his cock hard and deep, pushing her climax to the upper limits.
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