Joan's Tale

Autor: K.W. Steiner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Coming to grips with her incestuous life-style, Regal Bay Police Officer Joan Kuykendall discovers that loving her son and daughter is not the only route to pleasure open to her.  From enjoying her daughter's lovers to enjoying her own son, Joan embarks on the second half of her life with eyes, and thighs, wide-open. EXCERPT: Joan couldn’t resist taking Mitch’s full nudity in with her eyes.  He was very nice to look at, she realized, and resembled his father very much.   “I’ve been down on the beach all afternoon and I'm really in need of a shower,” Joan told her son.  As Mitch dried his naked form, just an arm's length away in the bathroom, Joan began to pull her bathing suit off. Now dried off, Mitch felt embarrassed standing naked beside his mother as she too became nude.  Joan paused after tossing her suit into the clothing bin and turned to ask, “Did you have a good time, last night?” “What?  What do you mean?”  Mitch stammered. “I could smell the sex on your clothes this morning when I picked up your room,” she grinned.  “Did you fuck her here or at her place?”  Mitch had wrapped a towel around his waist to hide his lengthy cock from his mother’s gaze as she teased him.  Mitch was speechless.  “I'm not embarrassing you, am I?” she asked with a wicked sneer.   “Mom, really!” Mitch grunted.  “This isn’t a good time.” “Why not?  Because I’m standing here in front of you, just as naked as you are?”  Joan took her breasts in her hands and watched her son’s eyes, which went right to them.  “Are they nice?  I know you like them, but how do they compare with your girlfriend’s?  Are hers bigger than mine?  I’ll bet they are.  From what I saw, I know they are.” “Mom!  What are you doing?” Mitch groaned, but was obviously enjoying himself.  She could see it in his eyes.  “You know I like yours.  I like your entire body.”   “You do, do you?” she purred and closed the distance between them.  She looked up into his eyes and gave her lips a slow lick.  “What can I do to take your mind off of her, right now?” Before her son could answer, Joan went to her knees before Mitch and reached for the towel wrapping his waist.  She lifted it aside and saw her son’s cock then, just inches away.  She looked up to see excitement in his features, before brazenly taking his cock in her warm hand.   “Hoooo, Mom!?” Mitch gasped. Joan spit his cock out and grinned.  “I just wanted to check something out,” she told him.  His cock was rapidly filling with blood and rising to attention, even before she had wrapped her fingers around it. “Oooohhh!” Mitch groaned as his mother's hand began to stroke his dick.  He grew steel-hard in seconds.  When his mother took his cock into her warm, wet mouth a minute later, he just about screamed.  
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