Erica's Tale

Autor: K.W. Steiner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Librarian Erica Adamson explores the wide variety of women that Regal Bay has to offer in this tale of her various encounters over the course of a sinful summer. From a middle-age co-worker to a young intern, from a widowed neighbor exploring her own new life to her son's beautiful new wife, Erica enjoys her life as a desirable and lustful middle-aged woman in Regal Bay. EXCERPT: Erica continued working her tongue along the sweet folds of Barbara’s creamy cunt, enjoying the fresh flavor of such a young woman. At only 20 years of age, Barbara was the youngest she’d ever had, and Erica moaned into the gooey, gaping slot as she fingered her own pussy. Her cream was flowing thick and she brought her hand up to thrust two well-lubricated fingers into Barbara’s vaginal hole while concentrating once again on the hard little clit-bud. “Uuunnggghh!” Barbara grunted as two long fingers pushed into her. Although she’d never experienced a male member, she had taken dozens of fingers and a few small dildoes over the years. But Erica had stuffed a pair of long fingers hard into her and her pussy walls stretched wide to accept them. An edge of pain accompanied the pleasures created by Erica’s tongue flicking rapidly across her over-stimulated clit. “Aaaahhhh, yeeeesssssss!” she cried out, as her orgasm peaked again. “Aaaahhhh!” Erica, who had had her eyes closed as she enjoyed feasting upon Barbara’s quivering quim, opened them to look towards her lover’s face. In that moment however, her attention was drawn to the office doorway, where a young woman stood watching. Erica lifted her face from Barbara’s crotch to get a better look at their voyeur, and recognized Kristina Cooper, one of the seniors. Kristina worked on the school paper and yearbook committee, and often used her study hall period to work in the library. Erica had completely forgotten about a requested meeting Kristina had made with her for that afternoon. With Erica no longer lapping away at her pussy, Barbara opened her own eyes to see what had stopped her mentor. Seeing Erica looking off to the right behind her, Barbara twisted around to also take in the younger girl, watching them. “Ooh, shit!” Barbara gasped. She all but knocked Erica to the floor as she twisted and rolled from the desk, grabbing up discarded clothing as she went. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for her to hide and quickly began to pull on her underwear and skirt. Erica brazenly stood up and addressed their interloper. “Kristina, I’d completely forgotten about our meeting,” she admitted. She took a hesitant step forward, completely naked and exposed before the young student’s astonished gaze. “I’ll be with you in just a few minutes,” she added.  
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