Dirty Destiny!

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Destiny liked dancing and getting fucked by whoever that would give you some attention. She thought her boy toy would be giving her more attention than normal, but it comes to find out that her boy toy wasn't there! Her son fucked her from behind instead, without her knowing until later! Join on the fun with this sexual BDSM, mother-son tale. EXCERPT: When Dustin saw his mother, Destiny, in the bathroom, and naked, he couldn’t resist his desires, or her any longer. He just felt as if he needed to touch her. Even if it only lasted a second or two. A few seconds would be better than nothing. At least in Dustin’s opinion. He knew she would most likely turn around and freaked out on him. They did seem close for a long time, but since Dustin grew older, Destiny became a little distant to him. He wasn’t entirely sure why either. Maybe someday, Dustin would figure out, but he wouldn’t ask right now. For some odd reason, Dustin always found his mother to be hot. She wasn’t all that much older than him either. Needless to say, when you get pregnant young, you can really still look young even when your son turns the ripe age of 23. He wasn’t really sure what came over him, or how he got the balls to stand behind his nude mom, but right now, he kept his ground. Dustin continued to kiss his mom’s bare neck and then moved his hand to her crotch. His fingers found the tight pussy hole, and once his fingers dipped inside, he could feel the wetness. The wetness allowed Dustin to move in deeper without any issues. Destiny moaned louder as she felt the fingers go deeper inside her pussy. “Oh, Justin!” She exclaimed in excitement. Dustin didn’t really like hearing his mom’s boyfriend’s name, but he knew that his mom wouldn’t be hollering for his name for any type of sexual fun. With incest being illegal and morally wrong to most people, Dustin knew he would be shit out of luck on that fulfilled desire of his. “Fuck me, Justin!” Destiny hollered loudly. Dustin smiled at the sound of that statement. He basically just got permission to fuck his own mom!! So, Dustin hurried to unzip his jeans, and then pulled both his jeans, and boxers down. His 7-inch cock jumped out of his jeans like magic. The tip of his cock poked around by the ass, while Dustin thrusted back and forth gently against his mom’s body. Back and forth. Slow and steady. “God, you’re teasing me, Justin. I love it!” Destiny yelled out in pleasure as she reached for her pussy lips and fingered up and down over her full pussy area. Her fingers slid up and down smoothly. Back and forth. Her pussy felt wet with excitement. Dustin could feel the fingers touch the tip of his balls for a split second, and it made him feel extra excited! His cock jumped in anticipation causing Dustin to jerk against the ass. His dick poked around the pussy and the ass. He heard a soft moan, and a squeal shortly afterward from his mom’s mouth. “Bend over,” Dustin whispered inside his mom’s right ear. As per his request, Destiny did as the man said, and she bent her body downward. She stretched her left arm out and took a hold of the white bathtub with her hand. Her ass rose high up in the air to give access to the man that waited to insert his hard cock into her waiting pussy. She waited in anticipation as her boy toy inserted his hard 7-inch cock.  
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