A Family Together

Autor: A.A. Clein

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Kristen and her father consummated their love for each other, but the Piper family is still coming apart. As Kristen confronts her brother, she finds the dark secret her whole family has been keeping all this time. Only the love Kristen has for her family can save them. EXCERPT: Kristen watched as her mother bobbed her head on one cock for a few moments and then switched it up, letting Danny shove his tool down her throat. He fucked her face for a moment letting spit and precum dribble down her chin, over her boobs and then she turned to suck on another guy. “Hey Brian! Your momma gives good head!” Yelled one of they guys currently being throated by their mother. Danny, now stroking his wet cock yelled, “You gonna get naked and jerk off for us, Brian? You wanna jerk it while we fuck mommy? You gonna cry again? That’s the fuckin best. Even better then this fuckin’ slut’s mouth.” With that he grabbed Linda’s head again and forced his prick into her mouth. The older woman gagged around the cock being thrust down her throat, but she didn’t pull back. In fact she seemed to bob her head faster while she jerked off one of the adjacent guys harder. From where Kristen was sitting, it looked like her mother enjoyed being the whore of all these boys. Like she was not only the willing, but the enthusiastic participant in this circus of debauchery. One of the boys, who Kristen later learned was Freddy, was jerking his cock with one hand and, with the other undid the back of Lina’s bra. The material fell to the ground revealing a huge set of tits. Kristen had never paid much attention to her mother’s body, consumed as she was with how she treated her father. But here in this room, watching this very sexual act and just coming off her first lesbian experience she had to admit, her mother was fucking hot. Even pushing forty, her body was slim. Her tits sagged a little with age and her stomach still had a few stretch marks from childbirth but, somehow, those flaws only accented her womanly beauty. Kristen’s hands wandered to her own A-cup breasts as she wondered if she would or even could support a rack that size. Linda did another round taking turns sucking all the dicks gathered around her. The boys grabbed her tits, pulled her hair and fucked her mouth until Danny took her by the arms and lifted her up, “Enough foreplay, Gentlemen. Let’s fuck.”
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