Quo Vadis Common Fisheries Policy?

Autor: Ernesto Penas

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Offers a guide and provides an analysis of how a public European fisheries policy should be evaluated, implemented, and reformed Quo Vadis Common Fisheries Policy? is an essential book that provides an authoritative guide to the future challenges that face the public European fisheries policy. Written by a noted expert with 30 years' experience in fisheries policies, the book provides the information needed to analyze how a public EU policy should be evaluated, implemented, and reformed. The book examines the difficulties of implementing the new policy including the application of the objectives of the 2013 policy reform. The author explores the myriad challenges that face the new policy due to global warming, pollution, and other global drivers. The book compares the new policy with other fisheries policy, particularly with the United States fisheries policy under the Magnusson-Stevens Act. The book offers an opportunity to address and discuss the challenges and obstacles that are not currently in the public domain. This important book: * Provides a unique view from a noted expert and former policy insider * Offers a critical analysis of a public EU policy from a pro-European standpoint. * Gives a foundational resource to aid in the debate on the future of the Common Fisheries Policy * Includes topics that go beyond EU's policy and have implications for fisheries' management around the world Written for administrations and stakeholders in the European and international fishing industry, Quo Vadis Common Fisheries Policy? addresses the challenges of EU's new fisheries policy and offers a comparison of the US fisheries policy. The book helps foster much-needed debate about this topic.
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