Daddy In The Shower

Autor: Inc.

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Tanya's back from college and has undertaken a new fitness regime, but when her morning jog coincides with Daddy's and there's only one shower in the house, they have to find a solution that benefits both. What follows is a steamy no-holds-barred bout of hot, forbidden sex as he takes her hard, deep and without protection.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"Hey you mind if I jump in the shower first?" he asked, all nonchalant, and I guess you can see where this is going!"But Daddy," I said, "I have breakfast with my friends in thirty minutes.""Well I have work, Tanya, and I think that's more important.""I can't be late," I pleaded. "I need to be there on time or they'll be pissed.""More pissed than my boss?""Come on, Daddy, can you just be real quick or something?""Tanya, you've only been home a day and you're already making demands," he said, mock offended. He often played around like that.I giggled, unable to resist his charms. I was like putty in his hands."Well, how do we resolve this thing?" I asked, circling a finger around the rim of my glass and looking up at him from under my brow.I think Daddy got the message and I noticed his whole demeanor change in an instant."Well... " he began, "I think I have an idea.""Oooh, Daddy, what is it. I like ideas.""We could both hop in together?" He said the words quickly as though any further dalliance would cut through his steeled nerves."Daddy!" I gushed, pretending it was one big scandal. "What will the neighbors say?""The neighbors will never know," he said now, coming dangerously close to me.
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