Spanked On Her Wedding Day

Autor: Anna Austin

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Victoria is to be married to man she never met. The Duke of Sutherland may be dark and handsome, but he is a stranger to her. But the Duke of Sutherland has a dark side that Vicky never dreamed possible. His twisted desires awaken a passion inside her that she never thought possible, as pleasure and pain mingle into one sinful, delicious whole.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"Vicky, there is no but. Your father ensured you would be adequately provided for by agreeing to this marriage with Sutherland's father."With a gasp, Vicky turned to look at her step-mother. "You mean the current Duke of Sutherland isn't the one who arranged the match? How do you know that he even wanted to marry me?""What does it matter dear? He wants you now.""That's made the whole thing even worse!" Vicky wailed. "He didn't even arrange the marriage himself. And why didn't he perform a proper courtship? Why is he waiting until the day we are to be wed for me to meet him? Is he disfigured? Lame?" Vicky gave another shudder. She might end up with a man she would have to spend the rest of her life taking care of. "Hush child, there is nothing wrong with the Duke. He is quite dashing, if a tad unconventional. He prefers his country estate, which is why you've never seen him up and about London. But I'm sure once he has a pretty wife on his arm he'll be far more visible." She smiled, and a far-away look came into her eyes. "To think you will be the Duchess of Sutherland, mother to the future Duke."
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