The Circle

Autor: G. King

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:The past never stays in the past. She had gotten involved with the Circle while she was in college. They had paid for her education and got her started in her career. They could afford it. They were educators and prominent civic officials and their pockets were deep. All she had to do was repay them with her body as their slave and toy. That is all any of the girls in the circle had to do. When she graduated she put that chapter of her life.EXCERPT:Dr. Jameson looked at me for a moment with a cold appraising eye. For a moment, I was sure I saw genuine hatred in his eyes, but he recovered himself very quickly.“Well, Miss Novak…”“Mrs. Hunter.” I corrected him.“Ah! Yes,…Mrs. Hunter.” He paused for a moment and then continued: “I am certain you are aware of the conditions under which your education was provided. In exchange for certain considerations from us, you agreed to provide certain services. Specifically those services were sexual in nature. You agreed to become for the duration of your college stay a sexual servant to Dr. Hollings, in return for full financing of your education, free room and board, and in depth tutoring in your studies. You graduated in the top three percent of your class, which would indicate Dr. Hollings upheld his end of the arrangement. You were, I am sure, aware that part of your agreement with Dr. Hollings was that you would be on call in the event that your services were needed past graduation as long as Dr. Hollings lived.”Tara nodded.“What many of the girls were not aware of was that the Masters of the Circle would on rare occasion transfer ownership of the services of a girl from one to another. Sort of like Mortgage companies buy and sell mortgages back and forth. It means nothing to the homeowner except for the name change on their mortgage payment check. The terms of the mortgage do not change and are in full force.“Mere days before Dr. Hollings tragically died he transferred the ownership of your services to me. I am therefore your Master, and Dr. Hollings’ death, while sad and heartbreaking for you I am sure, has no effect on the requirements of the arrangement. And I am calling upon you, as your Master, to provide those post graduate services.“We have changed a lot since you graduated. We recruit fewer new girls now and we have stepped into the digital arena and are no longer merely confined to the underground video sales that we were engaged in while you were still in school. I must tell you, our website has done very well and the talents of women like yourself who are so diligent in fulfilling their part of the agreement made it possible.”“I told you I am not interested.” Tara said evenly. “It has been eight years since I graduated. I’ve moved on.”“Yes. I completely understand. Time passes, interests change, and so on. However, obligations do not evaporate because something else has captured your interest.“We are set up in the studio in the basement to shoot your newest video this evening. It is my expectation that you will comply or we will be forced to execute that part of the arrangement which deals with failure to meet obligations. Specifically we will no longer shield your identity in the videos we possess, display or vend, nor will we guarantee that employers, community associations, and family members will not become aware of your past participation.”
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