Mediplex - Mediplex Story No.3

Autor: Morgan Destera

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Work Assignments are given to the family. Not everyone gets the assignments they want. Chris starts to fall for the Administrator. A family's journey through sexual utopia. After a mutable disease reshapes society, the family seeks shelter at the Mediplex. How easy will it be to overcome the social mores they grew up with? And how kinky can the Admin be?EXCERPT:Chris couldn't help it, he closed his eyes and reached out. When he felt the larger hands of the Admin, he allowed the man to place his own smaller hands on the man's throbbing cock. He gripped the cock and slowly stroked it tenderly. The man shifted, allowing better access, and moved the panties into his other hand, and wrapped them around the boy's bulging cock. Chris startled, but soon settled as the feel of the satin caressed him. He moaned and shifted his legs.The Admin watched, entranced, as Chris' legs spread. He could see the pearly pinkness of his pussy lips. The man leaned in, looking closely, and took the tip of the boy's penis in his mouth. He could see the wetness between the lips as he did so. Chris moaned louder. The Admin kept his lips on the tip of the cock while he still stroked the boy's shaft. As he ran his tongue over the head, he felt the boy tremble. He started sucking and stroking quicker as Chris' breathing quickened. The man extended a finger, grazing the pussy, and Chris yelled out. A stream of semen shot from the boy and down the man's throat.Chris opened his eyes and startled as the Admin slowly withdrew. “It's okay, Chris,” he said kindly, then nodded towards his crotch where the boy's hand had stilled, yet was still wrapped around the man's cock. “Go ahead and finish me. It won't take long.” The Admin lay back on the bed, not looking at Chris as the boy slowly started stroking again. “You may want to switch it up a bit,” the Admin said, as if from afar. “Change speeds, play with my balls, tease the head. It's all good.”Chris looked at the man's cock in wonder. It was large and had good girth. Not extremely veiny, but healthy. The tip was bright pink and straining. Chris took his other hand and used one finger of it to circle the tip as he kept stroking. The Admin groaned. “That's it,” he said, his voice more hoarse. “Keep going.”
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