I Can't Control Myself #11

Autor: Roxi Harding

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

TIME FOR MORE HOT STORIES! Do you want to read 37 hot, hot stories about some hot princes of the house and their hot little brats? How can you say no to this? ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Michael smiles as he waits patiently for his stepsister to make her move in their game of Risk. She's a smart girl, already 18 and in college. But he wonders if she should be studying instead of playing games like this. Although he can't complain about being able to spend time with her… Cassidy lets out a long yawn as she stretches her hands up to the ceiling. She feels her stepbrother's eyes drop down to her exposed midriff but still completes the stretch. When she finally relaxes again his eyes are back on the board where she makes her move. "Ngh," Cassidy says, rocking side to side on the chair. "Mind if we take a break? My butt's falling asleep." Michael's heart skips a beat at the thought of his little sister's butt, but he shakes the thought away and says, "Sure." So the two of them get up, Michael trying not to stare as his little sister steps away from her seat, reaching down behind her, pulling the underwear out of her ass. She looks up, though, and sees her stepbrother watching her. "Do you like what you see?" she asks with a smile, and Michael has to swallow. Cassidy feels sad as she looks at her stepbrother. Such an amazing man, but she knows that she can never have him. They're stepsister and stepbrother…it'll never work. All she can hope for is that one day she'll find somebody like him. Somebody who can give her what she really needs. And until then, she has her hand to keep her company. "So how are things at school going?" Michael asks his stepsister. "Oh, they're okay," Cassidy says. "Although sometimes I can't really concentrate." "Oh no?" he asks her. "Why not?" Cassidy feels nervous. But she says it anyways. "Well, I had this dream last night," she says. "Mm hmm." "I was…having sex in it." Michael looks at her. "And when I woke up…I was touching myself." She looks up into her stepbrother's eyes. And he looks down into hers.
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