Orgasma Pond

Autor: Surely Wilder

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Sarah is just a happy family farm girl who loves to share her passions with her horny family as well. In this nonstop, sex filled story, no taboo is off limits. Everyone celebrates the joy of life in this oddly erotic, romantic, and off the rails story, even the family dog. Why don’t you see how?EXCERPT:“Sarah, why did you let Leche in my room. I had the door closed.”Rachel and I had been at odds with one another for the past two weeks, and I enjoyed tormenting her a little. “Didn’t he make you cum?” I asked coquettishly.“She woke up the entire house.” Luke teased as he began to fondle her breast.“Well, yes. But I wanted to get a little more rest.”“You rest when you die, child. Sleep is just a necessary break in the joys of life. You get to my age and you’ll come to appreciate that. Luke suck your sister’s tit.” Grandma lectured.Luke didn’t have to be asked a second time. He instantly pushed his face to my sister’s left nipple and began suckling her. All the men in our house were experts in pleasuring breasts as they had never been weened. Even now, Daddy would find time in a day to nurse Grandma. It was a special sight to see.“Ohh...“ Rachel panted as Luke began working on her, “What do you mean, Grandma?”“You woke up cumming didn’t you? Now finger your sister’s pussy.”“Well... Ohhh... Ahhh... yes.” Rachel panted.“And what’s your brother doing to you right now?”“He’s... Uh... Sucking my tit... and rolling my niPPle in his... MOUTH... OHHH... finger fucking... MEE!!!.”“Does it feel good?”“Yes . . . OHH . . . YESS!!!”“Then why are you sitting there, girl. Stand up and offer him your pussy.” Grandma challenged. She loved doing this. She loved making one of us fuck in front of the family, and this morning it was Rachel’s turn.“Mama?” Rachel asked.“You heard your grandma, young lady. Stand up and present your pussy. Luke, fuck your sister.” Mama commanded.“Yes, Ma’am.” He stated as he stood up instantly and showed everyone his beautiful 8 inch cock. Rachel seemed in a trance as she stood and then gripped the table as Luke approached her from behind. She spread her legs as Luke lined up to her and then he pushed forward. Rachel’s B-sized breasts bobbled as our brother filled her tight pussy. She moaned loudly as our brother began slamming into her.“Seems to me you like having your pussy stuffed with cock.” Grandma smiled.“Yes... OH Yes... OHHH!!!” Rachel cried, and we all laughed.
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