Stepbrother Stories #10

Autor: Roxi Harding

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

HOT STUFF COMING THROUGH!Here are 40 hot new stories about the prince of the house and the little brat he lives with. Will they? Won't they? For her first time they'd better be sure!The hottest stories around, all right here!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Drew swallows and picks up his playing piece off the Othelle board before making his move.He's watching his stepsister Jazmine's face, hoping he's not blushing. He's got an erection down underneath the table, and he would be embarrassed if she found out.Jazmine shifts in her seat, trying to get comfortable as she stares at the board. She can't figure out what to do next. She wishes she didn't feel so antsy.Jazmine's a virgin. She's 18 years old, and while all of her friends have already gone out and popped their cherries, Jazmine's still remains perfectly intact.She wants to fix this. She wants to do something about it, and it has to be fast. All she needs to do is just figure out what."Oof," Drew says, reaching down and rubbing his legs. "Mind if we take a bit of a break? My legs are getting a bit sore.""Oh, sure," Jazmine says, and the two of them stand up from the table as Drew walks around a bit, alleviating the pain in his legs. Jazmine paces around a bit too, and then they meet each other in the middle of the room. She looks up at him."Feel better?" she asks, and her stepbrother nods."Yep," he says. "Good as new."He smiles down at her, and she smiles back up at him.Feelings of nervousness run through Jazmine's veins. She looks up in her stepbrother's eyes, her mouth suddenly feeling dry, and suddenly feeling wet deep inside.He looks so big up close. So big and intimidating. He's the kind of man she's dreamed about. The kind of man she would want to take her virginity."Oh man," Drew says, pulling his eyes away from his stepsister. Having her this close could be dangerous."What is it?" Jazmine asks him, and he looks at her again, feels compelled to. She's so innocent, so beautiful. And they know each other so well."Well," he says. "It's just that I ... I've been having these dreams lately.""Oh yeah?" Jazmine asks. "What were they about?"Drew considers lying, but for some reason the truth feels so much more right.
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