Autor: Jo Grant

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza for those rich enough to indulge their wildest fantasies. When the luxurious new Fairy Princess ocean liner begins its historic two-year cruise, it will zigzag across the entire world. The massive undertaking will make the legendary Titanic look like a rerun of Gilligan’s Island.As a bonus, twelve elegant staterooms have been reserved for twelve random couples to hobnob with the world’s obscenely rich and shameless. The “Lucky Twelve” contest has commanded more media attention than the latest five presidential scandals combined.Ex-Marine Mitch O’Neill can’t believe he was randomly chosen. Things like that just don’t happen to him! Then he learns that the elegant young woman in charge of the grand voyage is none other than his estranged lover, Lady Guenevere Thurmond…and he’s sure someone has deliberately arranged for him to be aboard.Seven years ago, Gwen vanished without a trace, only to explode into the media spotlight by marrying Lord Winston Thurmond, a British lord nearly forty years her senior. Mitch has never forgotten or forgiven her heartless betrayal.Who could possibly want to reunite them? And why?Against his better judgment, Mitch finds himself drawn to Gwen again. But Gwen is hiding a tragic secret of her own—and revealing it could cost her everything, and everyone, she holds dear!==>==God, she looked adorable in that skintight butter-yellow swimsuit and those tight white shorts! Hadn’t gained an ounce in the past seven years, either. Lush curves in all the right places, long legs like a dancer’s, creamy ivory skin with just a hint of amber freckles across her nose and shoulder blades. His mouth watered.“Don’t you make a charming picture!”Gwen was languidly brushing a long-haired pup when his bitter words rang out of the darkness. The brush fell from her numb fingers as she whipped around, hardly daring to breathe.“Mitch?” His name emerged as a hoarse, disbelieving whisper.“Don’t act so surprised.” Sneering, he emerged from the shadows, and balanced his long frame against the doorframe to keep it from tipping drunkenly back and forth. “You know very well your loving husband arranged for me to keep you company on this delightful little pleasure cruise!“Or was it you?” His eyes narrowed suddenly as stunned heat flushed her pale cheeks. “By God, it was, wasn’t it? You arranged to have me here! He doesn’t have a clue what you did!“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” He took an unsteady step forward, and clenched his big fists until the knuckles turned white. “Finally tired of your feeble old charity case? Isn’t he man enough to satisfy your needs?”Gwen scooted back against the wall as terror and elation warred for command. Outrage won by a narrow margin, and gave her the strength to scramble to her feet. “What are you talking about? You aren’t…I didn’t…”“Did you think I wouldn’t figure it out?” His arms shot out to block her escape, and he deliberately loomed over her, forcing her to cringe against the sturdy wall. “I’m no Einstein, but even a moron could see through your flimsy motives!”“You’re insane!” Her voice shook as she punched both fists against his wide chest. It was like hitting a granite boulder. “Mitch, let me go!” Rising panic made her voice shrill as he crushed her between his muscular body and the wall. Every nerve began to scream warnings as she felt his unbridled rage…and God help her, his fierce arousal.His mouth descended on hers, choking off her frightened cry. So familiar, and yet not… And even so, some insane part of her own mind arched into the savage kiss with a wild passion she hadn’t even known she possessed.But then something snapped. Just as he’d taught her all those years ago, she twisted slightly to one side, then brought her knee up with explosive force.He was drunk—but no man alive could be drunk enough to ignore that visceral agony!
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