Burning Bridges

Autor: Anna Adams

Wydawnictwo: Pronoun

*Burning Bridges is a short story*Lindsey Linton is sick of being a sweet-faced Disney star and is willing to burn every bridge from her past to become a famous pop star. And now that she’s signed with Glitter Records and is working with her longtime celebrity crush, pop singer Matt, Lindsey is determined to win him over. But will burning bridges enable her to achieve her goals or will she only end up badly burnt?*With a special cameo appearance from Maude Laurent (The French Girl series)*This short story takes place before the start of “A French Girl in New York”. A French Girl in New York is FREE!The Complete French Girl Series:A French Girl in New York (Book 1)A French Star in New York (Book 2)A French Princess in Versailles (Book 3)A French Diva in New York (Book 4)A French Voice in New York (Book 5)A French Song in New York (Book 6) 
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