Chronicles Of Galadria Iii - Lessons

Autor: David Gay

Wydawnictwo: Babelcube Inc.

After having wandered aimlessly for a time, and having some encounters with potentially far-reaching consequences, finding the man he sought for so long, and spending several months learning from him, Glaide has finally learned how to wield a sword, and his knowledge has grown.  However, practice makes perfect, and the young man still has much to learn about Galadria, if he means to take on the role that he’s been given. It’s for these reasons that Kezthrem decides to lead him on a journey towards the border of the Known Lands, towards a land forgotten by all.And so begins a new journey with a mysterious destination.  Alongside the theoretical and academic knowledge the young man hopes to discover when he reaches his goal, he will also learn some more personal life lessons, as he and his master encounter different people who’ve experienced the torments of their world.  Indeed, as the months pass, Glaide begins to see Galadria in a more realistic light, instead of as a dream become reality, and in the light of this newly acquired lucidity, the encounters he’s about to have will give him a new perspective on the importance and impact his quest to be the Destroyer will have.While Glaide continues to savor every moment of his life in the Other World, he also begins to understand how vital of a lesson it is for him to see through the eyes of the people of Galadria and comprehend the magnitude of his task, in order to carry out more notable and purposeful actions.******“The Chronicles of Galadria” recount the story of Glaide, a young man who lives out his dream of visiting the “Other World”, and for this reason, the story is centered on what happens to him and how he experiences this world, along with his thoughts.  This allows us to understand what guides him, where his doubts and strength come from, and makes him a character we can easily identify with.In this way, “The Chronicles of
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