Rutting With The Rottweiler

Autor: Jez Bestiality

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

Finding herself in some kind of human/dog breeding program, Vanessa had a strange desire to do whatever the large black and tan Rottweiler told her. Overseeing the program, nurse Tina takes particular delight in the whole thing. That is, until King turns the tables on her. Now he has two hot bitches who are more than willing to satisfy his every bestial lust.Excerpt:She yelped, but lay stock still as she spread her legs, offering herself to him."Now feel his dick." Tina snapped.Vanessa reached for his long, thick, red rod as a starving woman who wanted wine.It felt so smooth and hot as Vanessa moved her fingers up and down his throbbing shaft. His dick had a road map of veins along his cock. She had never known how thick and long a dog's cock could be. His spear-like cock-head drew her warm lips to it."That's it, suck it bitch," the other woman hissed, her eyes glittering with excitement.That's exactly what Vanessa did as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, paying special attention to the tip. If it was anything like a man's, that would be the most sensitive part.Then she wrapped her trembling lips around his cock. She worked his fat cock inside her, inch by inch, until his cock spread her mouth wide open.It was so big, she briefly wondered how she was going to fit it in her pussy as she tickled the underside of it with her tongue. She'd always loved sucking guy's dicks, but this was so much better.His savage thrust took her by surprise as he slammed his cock all the way down her throat without giving her a chance to take it. She sucked harder and did her best not to choke. She wanted him to take her like a wild animal.
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