Fantasies On The Farm: Incest Erotica

Autor: Ruth Oxford

Wydawnictwo: Oyodeo Divalium

Excerpt: Then he folded his hands behind his head and smiled from ear to ear. He felt sure that Francine's 'plot of seduction' would be successful, and he didn't feel in the least bit jealous; he had never felt possessive of his wife, not since the first day he had met her. Instead he felt very, very excited; even after the blow job he could feel the blood coursing back into his loins, the length of his flaccid penis swelling against his thigh. Robert groaned and squeezed it softly, feeling the blood race through its tangle of blue veins. He knew that if Francine succeeded in seducing Michael, it would be only a short step to his sister Louisa. And he wanted Louisa more than any other woman in the world.
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