Go, Gwen, Go

Autor: Elizabeth Jorgensen

Wydawnictwo: Meyer & Meyer Sport

Narrated in alternating voices by mother Nancy and sister Elizabeth, Go, Gwen, Go is an inspiring story about Olympian Gwen Jorgensen and her family. This memoir introduces a young woman of modest athletic achievements who uses desire and discipline to attain the ultimate in sport—the Olympic Gold. You will enter the secret world of Olympic training, professional coaching, international travel, sponsor funding, anti-doping requirements, athlete nutrition, and sports physiotherapy. You will be granted an inside look at the personal life of a professional triathlete, complete with family crises and holiday celebrations. During her triathlon career, Gwen became the first American woman to win a World Triathlon Series event, the first person in history to win 12 consecutive races on the ITU circuit, and the first American triathlete, man or woman, to win an Olympic Gold medal. In this inspiring story, Gwen Jorgensen and her family grow together, from average to Olympian.
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