Angel's Don't Die

Autor: Soren Paul Petrek

Wydawnictwo: Éditions Encre Rouge

Madeleine Toche, the best WWII assassin, is called to save an American agent taken in hostage in the middle of Israel.When an American agent is taken hostage, famed WWII assassin, Madeleine Toche resurfaces to rescue him, taking on the PLO and all comers in the middle of Israel’s Yom Kippur War. Toche, feared as the Angel of Death, must send the PLO a bloody message, release the agent or die. With the help of the Mossad, Toche unleashes her fury, leaving a path of destruction everywhere she goes.Discover the adventures of Madeleine Toche in a new thriller and follow her on her plans to save an American agent taken hostage.EXTRAITMadeleine, John, and Jack sorted through several weapons John kept in an expanded storm shelter in his backyard. It had been renovated and expanded to accommodate several storage lockers and a gun range. Few people other than himself had ever seen the extent of the collection of firearms and explosives he kept in anticipation of some future event only he could foresee.“I think it’s prudent to be prepared with some automatic weapons and at least one sniper rifle,” Madeleine advised.John nodded. “I also think it would be best not to use American-made weapons in case we have to leave any behind. I’d rather not start an international incident, at least not one that looks like it was started by the US.”“We both worked with Russian weapons during the war,” Jack said casually. “And I’ve kept current on the newer models.”“How current?” John asked him.“I’m semi-retired from MI6. Sort of a consultant, you might say.” Jack glanced toward Madeleine.“You and MI6 can have your ‘cold war,’ Jack,” Madeleine said.“MI6 will pass on anything the CIA will give us and some of their own intel too, at least I hope so,” John said.“They better help. Jack is no longer in the field but learned many secrets during the war and the years after. That information is still valuable and classified. The Brits have a thing for old soldiers, John. It’s about loyalty.CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUEThis is a super action novel. Madeleine Toche is back in a challenging new location. - Sandra, GoodreadsÀ PROPOS DE L'AUTEURSoren Paul Petrek est un avocat général passionné par l’étude de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il a vécu en France et en Angleterre, écoutant les récits de gens qui ont vécu le combat et les sacrifices lors des périodes les plus noires de la guerre. Sa poésie reflète les horreurs de ces années ainsi que les épreuves et les triomphes du peuple.Le premier roman de Soren, Courage, est inspiré de l’histoire vraie d’une jeune femme belge qui a aidé d’innombrables enfants juifs à fuir les terreurs du régime nazi.Soren partage sa vie avec Renee au Bungalow 71 à Lauderdale dans l’état du Minnesota. Ses fils, Max et Riley, tous deux artistes, vont de par le monde afin de le rendre meilleur.
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