netwars 2 - Down Time 5: Showdown

Autor: M. Sean Coleman

Wydawnictwo: Bastei Lübbe

Book 5 of 6 -- As the team at the NCCU struggles to find a way to thwart the newest threat from MalComX, Mitchell and Rebecca embark on an audacious attempt to flush Shylock into the open. -- Meanwhile, Agent Egan of the FBI joins forces with Uli Hirsch to create an anti-virus that they hope will defeat MalComX. In the full-force showdown with Shylock, will Mitchell be able to keep himself in check, and not reveal any more of his killer instinct to the already suspicious Rebecca? -- netwars: Down Time is part of a transmedia project based on real facts and cyber-attack scenarios. The project spans multiple story platforms including a fact-based website ( and the interactive graphic novel app "netwars: The Butterfly Attack.” For fans of Dave Eggers, THE CIRCLE; Daniel Suarez, DARKNET; the movie ENEMY OF THE STATE, and espionage and high-tech thrillers. -- About the Author: M. Sean Coleman launched his career as one of the original writers on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Online. He has since written and produced original, award-winning shows for MSN, O2, Sony Pictures, Fox, the BBC, and Channel 4. He continues to write novels, graphic novels and TV scripts from his home in London.
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