Brutal Daddy 12-Pack

Autor: Lily Weidner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: A hardcore collection of twelve naughty biological incest stories, this boxed set features naughty daughters and the depraved delights of their disgusting fathers. Turning daddy’s little princess into a wanton cock slut has never been so easy, or so pleasurable. Reluctant daughters are forced into anal sex, rough breeding, taboo impregnations, first times with daddy, and so much more. All whether these horny little daddy’s girls like it or not! EXCERPT: Stories Contained: Pounded By Daddy: Daddy wouldn’t let me say no! Every night all I can do is lay there, hot and wet, waiting for my perverse father to enter my room while mommy’s asleep. My little body craves what he’s about to do even if daddy sadistically likes to make me scream! Impregnated By Daddy: Daddy always did have depraved fantasies. I guess that’s why I wasn’t surprised when he made me take mommy’s place. The sex was always rough and taboo, but I kind of grew to like it! Taken By Daddy: Daddy caught me staring at his large bulge, and now he intends to punish me! I think daddy just wants an excuse to fulfill his perverted sadistic fantasies though. The first brutal lesson in becoming daddy’s devote little slut is taboo unprotected sex! Punished By Daddy: Mommy never seemed to satisfy Daddy’s needs. Maybe that’s why he invited me into their martial bed for a lesson in sexual submission. Daddy wants me to teach Mom how to satisfy him—really sate his depraved fantasies. Anal Sex With Daddy: Daddy always did have a thing for younger women, girls that often looked just like me. I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t just give in and have sex with the real thing instead. Still, I never expected my perverse father to want my anal cherry! Brutal Sex With Daddy: Daddy never knew the disgusting desires he harbored for me, at least not until he drank too much. Those nights were the worst. I couldn’t stand the brutal and depraved things my father made my petite body crave. Forced Sex With Daddy: When mommy left, it was just Daddy and me. I hated my mother for leaving me with him, as I knew my father couldn’t deny his disgusting depraved impulses for taboo sex. Now Daddy intends to teach me a lesson in gratitude and respect, and I don’t dare say no. Fertile Sex With Daddy: Daddy was always manipulating people to get what he wanted. I suppose then it’s only natural that, when I needed a new car, he tried to blackmail me too. His perverse desires were disgusting, but how could I say no? It’s too bad Daddy had to take me hard and unprotected, because I’m fertile! Used By Daddy: Daddy always had a depraved interest in his horny little girl. There were times my thoughts wandered to the tempting fantasy of it. I couldn’t help how enticing the whole thing seemed, losing my virginity to my father. Daddy's Little Indiscretion: Daddy was always screwing around on my mother. That fact didn’t bother me though. In fact, it made me curious and excited. What would taboo sex with my horny father really be like? Could I actually give myself over to depravity and have incestuous sex with him? Daddy's Fertile Little Girl: Daddy was a sick man, the kind that never thought twice about his disgusting thoughts. I knew he wanted to use me for his depraved desires, but I never thought he would! Now nothing can prepare me for the way my father takes me rough and unprotected. Daddy's Dirty Girl: Daddy never could say no to his depraved desires. I knew deep down that one day he’d want me too. Nothing could prepare me though for when it finally happened.
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