Krystal's Dirty Deed

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Krystal sure likes to do dirty, naughty things. She likes being with girls and has some fun with Amanda. But something interesting happens while Krystal does the deed with her son! Find out what kind of trouble she gets into this time! EXCERPT: Before Krystal could reach Amanda, her son reached for her. He pulled her down the stairs and pushed her to the couch. She watched as Kris yanked off her outfit within seconds flat. It didn’t take long for Kris to insert his hard cock deep into her already wet pussy. The cock moved in and out of her at a steady pace. Krystal forgot all about her next dirty deed. At least for now. “What the fuck!” Kale yelled out. He snuck into the stripper’s room because he thought he would be meeting one of the new strippers in a few minutes. He wanted to be there early to prepare himself. But instead, Kale found his best friend fucking his own mother! Both Krystal, and Kris looked over at the voice in shock, and in horror. Who could be in the room right now? Both Krystal and Kris thought to themselves. Everyone should be dancing or doing lap dances. Maybe even drinking. Not downstairs doing diddly squat. Most of the women stayed upstairs the entire time. Unlike a few of the older gals, like Krystal, Chasity, and Amanda. “What the fuck are you doing here, Kale. Get out!” Kris yelled out. He stopped moving his hips and removed his hard cock. He felt a little embarrassed, but he still didn’t feel completely ashamed. Kris loved his mom. He liked her. Plain, and simple. Nothing he could do about the damn feeling. Kris tried for the last few years to feel different. Nothing changed. He dated other women, but his thoughts always ended up coming back to his own mother. He couldn’t explain it. Love just stayed with his mom. “What the actual fuck, man? Your own mother!” Kale yelled out. He threw his hands up into the air. His face looked whiter than normal. Like a pale color. Ghost white color to be exact. “Shut up! Don’t say a fucking word and get out!” Kris yelled. He walked quickly over to his best friend. He pointed to the door with his finger. “Why should I get out? You’re doing something illegal, and unnatural. I want to understand this. I knew something could be wrong. You seemed waay to clingy to your mom. My gut told me that maybe you got way to close to her. I’m right aren’t I?” Kale asked. “None of your damn business, Kale. I need you to promise me, you will keep your damn mouth shut. I’m your best friend. Best friends need to keep secrets and do what’s best for their friend. It’s best for me to be with my mom. But, I also fuck other women. Just for your information.” Kris explained proudly. He crossed his arms and smiled awkwardly at his best friend. Kale nodded. “I know you fuck others, Kris. I saw you do it when we lived together for those few months after graduation. I tell you what, I will keep my mouth shut if I can join and get to fuck my own mother. Deal?” He reached his hand out and waited for his best friend to shake it. Kris arched his thin eyebrow at his best friend. “Really? You just bitched about me with mine, and that’s what you want in return?” “Hey! If you get to, why shouldn’t I? My mom’s hot too."
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