Deirdre's Tale

Autor: K.W. Steiner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Middle-aged music director Deirdre Sullivan, wife and mother of three adult children, expands her sexual horizons over the course of a summer, thanks to her younger sister. EXCERPT: Deirdre turned to find Conor already stripping away his clothing. She reached behind her back to go for the dress’s zipper, but Conor stopped her. “I want to do that, Mom,” he told her. She remained standing before him, next to the bed watching as her youngest son stripped away his clothing to stand bare before her. His cock, long and slender, was already rising with light pulses. She felt her crotch dampen, as it always did when her son showed his lust for her. Without another word, Conor closed in on his mother and took her into his arms. His mouth found hers and they kissed, deeper than any mother and son should, and yet no different than they often did. Deirdre felt his manhood press into her pubic mound, as if seeking out a welcoming home to nest in. It would soon find it, no doubt. When their kiss broke, Deirdre found herself on her back, her black dress pushed up in a bunch around her waist. Her black-stocking clad legs were spread, pulled up and back, with her black heels still on her feet. The bed beneath her gave as Conor settled atop her. His mouth again found hers and as his tongue slipped into her mouth, so did his cock slip into her vagina. His entry was facilitated by the fact she had not worn underwear that evening, at her son’s request. His long cock slipped into her smoothly, until his scrotum kissed her anus. Her body immediately began to tremble beneath him. “Oh, yeessss, Conor! Oh, fuck me! Oh, god, yes! Fuck me!” Deirdre was soon panting. Conor pushed up from her and was grinning wolfishly down at her as he began to work his cock within her familiar sex-chute.  
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