The Inbred Family

Autor: Dyan Taleyithe

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: A Family with no boundaries! A Family Tree that twists and turns upon itself! A week in the life of Julie as she has sex with her Father, Brothers, Uncles, Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Son, Nephews, Daughter, Cousins and Niece - but only with five people! EXCERPT: Julie bucked her hips and moaned as her younger brother’s cock slid back into her pussy. The move caused her older brother’s cock to come partially out of her arse, before he slammed it back in again. She moaned harder and would have screamed had her mouth not been full with her twin brother’s cock. She moved herself backwards, freeing his cock from her mouth for a second before her younger brother’s thrust made her rise up again, which caused her older brother to thrust forwards and her body to move forwards, swallowing her brother’s cock into her throat again. It had been like that for ages. Three cocks in her, each one causing her to react, each reaction feeding through to one of the other cocks, each cock reacting in its turn. A complex rhythm had developed, reset every few minutes when she came. She’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d had and could feel another one building now. At the same time she could tell from long familiarity that her twin brother was about to shoot his load in her mouth. I thought Mike would be first, she thought, being younger and all. Still, Dave does like his blow jobs. As she thought that, Dave gasped, moaned “I’m coming, sis”, grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth down onto his spurting cock. And as her mouth filled with rope after rope of her brother’s incestuous spunk she came again, her whole body bucking and spasming, causing her brothers to pull her tighter into their loving embrace. She gasped, moaned and finally screamed in ecstasy, opening her mouth and letting her brother’s cum dribble out, dripping down her chin and onto the floor. She came back to her senses with two cocks still thrusting away in her and a mouthful of cum. She swallowed, savouring the taste. Family cum always tastes sweeter, she thought as she kissed Mike passionately, smearing his face with his brother’s cum. He moaned deeply and she could tell he was going to cum next and soon. The thought of her brother’s cum shooting up her love tunnel into her womb turned her on and she felt another orgasm rise within her… Family, she thought, I love my family. And she reflected on how close and intertwined her family was…
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