The True Heart

Autor: Helena Halme

Wydawnictwo: Helena Halme

‘Romance for the thinking woman.’ Valisa Iskander, Head of Fixi London PublishingWhat is true happiness?London 1990. When Kaisa suffers a third miscarriage, her submarine officer husband Peter is devastated. Kaisa, who has chosen a job with the BBC over the traditional life of a Navy wife on a marriage patch in Scotland, feels guilty. Has living apart from her husband to pursue a demanding career, contributed to her inability to keep hold of a baby?But childlessness pales into insignificance when her old friend Rose tells Kaisa about a former lover’s serious illness. The consequences of Duncan’s condition could wreck Kaisa and Peter’s future.And then life takes another heart-breaking twist … Can love conquer all?The True Heart, the fourth, standalone, book in Helena Halme’s acclaimed The Nordic Heart Romance Series explores what true love is.Read this stylish European love story today!
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